When I take part in multiple activities, it takes time for me to take it easy and become active. But when I’m familiar with my teammates or partner, I will be talkative. I will be friendly to whom I don’t know.


I will not always be frustrated but anxious. Particularly when face some new things or some challenges. In a team, if I have difficulty to express myself I will lose confident. And most of the time I will believe myself but sometimes I will doubt myself too.


I am a cautious girl and when doing a decision I will think of many things and try to solve all the problem at one time.


In a team I try to feed others interest and find out win-win method. I will stand in other people’s position to see the problem we meet.


As an engineer I think artist is also important. I show great interest on art but I am not good at it. But I lack some imagination and it’s the barrier for me to be creative.


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